Verizon and Sacred Heart University Create “Innovation Hub,” a Collaborative Open Space for Small Business, Students and Staff


Verizon and Sacred Heart University have collaborated on a new open work space, called “Innovation Hub. Right at the heard of the SHU campus, the “Innovation Hub” is a beautiful space open to anybody looking for a convenient place to work.

According to their new website, “the center is full of great places to brainstorm, spitball, and just get things done. It is the nexus of small business, entrepreneurial students, academic staff, and forward-thinking organizations working side-by-side to develop and grow their relationships, projects, and businesses.”

Pricing is fair and flexible and space include “Hotdesks,” Team Rooms, Concierge, Dedicated Desks, Conference Rooms and Events. Visitors can also schedule a visit to visit the new facility.

Click below to learn more about the “Innovation Hub.”