Connecticut's Best School Districts 2020: New Rankings Released


A new ranking of Connecticut's best school districts has been released. See the top school districts here.

CONNECTICUT — Data compiler Niche has ranked Connecticut's best school districts for the 2019-2020 school year. The rankings were released Monday as part of the website's 2020 K-12 rankings.

Each Connecticut district received a letter grade in the following categories: Academics; Diversity; Teachers; College Prep; Clubs & Activities; Health & Safety; Administration; Sports; Food; and Resources & Facilities.

National rankings (for those in the top 100 in America) are in parenthesis.

The top-ranked school district in Connecticut is Westport. Niche gave Westport an A or an A+ in all categories except for diversity (C). Last year, New Canaan was number 1. (See last year's list as a comparison: Connecticut's Best School Districts: New Rankings Released)

Here is the full list of the top school districts in CT, as ranked by